Photograph by Bruce Buck

Collective Consciousness

The Wildly Varied Oeuvre
of Roman and Williams

By Megan Deem
October 5, 2017

The New York design team mixes vintage and found objects with the sleek and contemporary—to magical effect

No one would accuse Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch, the principals of New York City design firm Roman and Williams Buildings and Interiors, of resting on their laurels. They won the National Design Award for excellence in interior design in 2014 and are a mainstay on AD’s list of top 100 designers. But they continue to press on, with new projects such as one reimagining the British Galleries for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. “We really try to keep our heads down and focus on things that are going to have longevity,” Standefer says. “We like to mine things that have memory and a certain kind of resonance; a quality that we believe will make them last.” Here, the design duo takes us through some of their greatest hits. (And don’t miss Roman and Williams for eBay Collective, a collection of pieces the design pair curated exclusively for eBay Collective shoppers.)


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