At Home With

Rachel Reider’s Lark Hotels

By Evan Silvera
November 10, 2017

The New England-based hotel group’s portfolio is a study in old and new—and full of inspiration

Founded in 2012, Lark Hotels is a collection of boutique inns designed to capture the unique sense of place that characterizes some of New England’s most beloved tourist destinations. In every case, Boston-based interior designer Rachel Reider works to reimagine classic, often historic, spaces into modern hotels that pay homage to the area’s deep roots, calling on décor from custom designers, retail stores, and online resources to create distinctly different, one-of-a-kind venues different from both other Lark properties and from other hotels in the respective areas. “I strive to push the boundaries of design,” she says, layering interiors with new styles that preserve the buildings’ architectural integrity.

Reider uses her creative freedom to work antiques into modern decor, a technique she believes starts with small-scale experimentation and can be accomplished in any space. Here, she guides us through her process and inspiration.