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A Penthouse to Remember, by JMW Interiors

By Frances Dodds
March 9, 2018
Photographs by Michael Weinstein/ Courtesy of Six Cortlandt Alley

Living among history at Six Cortlandt Alley in downtown Manhattan

Many of the most luxurious new developments these days still make an effort to incorporate the history of their locales into their designs—but few developments have such an authentic claim on the past as Six Cortlandt Alley, in downtown New York City. Julia Pobiner of JMW Interiors—a full-service interior design firm based in New York—designed the interiors of the 19th century Italianate building, which has been transformed into five full-floor lofts. “Six Cortlandt Alley is one of the oldest buildings in Tribeca,” Pobiner says, “which is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Manhattan. The building is rich with history—having been everything from a showroom for a famous Rococo furniture designer back in the 1800s to a warehouse for high-end corsets in the early 20th century.”

The exterior has two facades, one red brick and one marble, which have been meticulously restored. “Those are things you cannot replicate with new construction today,” Pobiner says. “So our interiors pay homage to the history of the building and its neighborhood. The design features elements of the original building materials, juxtaposing their industrial character with luxurious, modern finishes.” Here, Pobiner takes us through the 5th floor penthouse apartment.