The Collective How-to

Greenery, Pantone’s Color of the Year

By Elizabeth Wallace
September 27, 2017

Using the feel-good color—Pantone’s choice for 2017—in new and unexpected ways

Even though green may not be everyone’s first go-to, New York City-based interior designer Vicente Wolf keeps green in regular rotation. “Green really means life to me,” he says. “It’s about growth, about things coming out of the ground. It’s a color that makes people feel good.” Even before Pantone named Greenery its Color of the Year for 2017, the global designer has used green liberally year round, particularly in bedrooms. “In the wintertime it makes a room feel springier, and in summertime it brings color from outside in,” he says. Whether you’re going full force painting entire walls, or simply adding pieces like this emerald-toned Stilnovo chandelier (which also makes people feel good), Wolf’s pro tips will help you go green.

Photo Credit Vicente Wolf
Photograph courtesy of Vicente Wolf
  • In bedrooms, “use soft colorations, like sea foam green, and greens that become gray, on walls and in bedding, wall hangings, lighting, and carpets, for a dreamy effect,” Wolf suggests.
  • If you want the room to have a softer quality, says Wolf, “do all the walls in the same green—it sort of blanks itself out.” For a sharper, more intense pop, “do just one wall, like behind the bed or behind the seating.
  • Not comfortable doing an entire wall in a strong green? Use the shade as a border in carpet or upholstery—it makes an impact without overwhelming the space.
Photo Credit Vicente Wolf
Photograph courtesy of Vicente Wolf
  • For rooms getting an entire green facelift, employ contrasting artwork—“Art should never be matched,” Wolf advises—or just a touch of the base color in the artwork, to add some dimension.
  • “Saturate a whole family room or kids’ room in a bright, strong green.” For one client’s family room in Connecticut, Wolf did the walls, the chairs, and some of the upholstery in apple green, tempering the palette with muted grays. The result is “very uplifting and buoyant!”
  • “Use a bright Kelly green in small doses, and work in bits of other vibrant colors for a casual, playful effect,” says Wolf. For an Amagansett playroom, Wolf featured muted green upholstery with accessories like an electric green fruit bowl and pillows made from Madagascar textiles featuring pink and orange, and yes, green.